1st Term 2017 - Newsletter 1

Tuesday, 17 January, 2017

May I take this opportunity to welcome both old and new parents to our school as we usher in 2017 with the Lord's Blessings.

Grade Zero
The Grade Zero (ECD B) is now very much part and parcel of our Junior School. We have 2 classes i.e. Grade 0 South and Grade 0 North.

Grade 7 2016 ZIMSEC Results
All 4 Subjects Passed - 100%
Grades within 4 to 24 Units - 100%

Thus Lusitania Primary once again maintained its proud record of a grand slam in the Zimsec Exam. 31 of the 44 candidates achieved between 4 to 10 unit passes. This is exceptional.

To all of our 2016 Grade 7 pupils and the entire staff who "touched these pupils academic lives" from Grade 1 to Grade 7;


The 2017 Year
Once again we focus on the year ahead with the following important events:

Monday 16 January
ECD B Parents met the Head & ECD Teachers

Tuesday 17 January - Thursday 19th January
Grades 1 to 7 Parents meet their child's respective teachers as per schedule given.

Saturday 28 January
S.D.C. A.G.M. at Lusitania Primary School hall at 9.00 a.m.

Sporting and Cultural Activities
Details of the above programme have been given to all pupils to take home to their parents. Do support and encourage your children to participate fully in the activities. "An active body is an active mind allowing for the total development of your children physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.

Important Email addresses

HeadD. Kalan (Mr)head@lusitaniaprimary.co.zw
Deputy HeadG. Chingozho (Mrs)duputyhead@lusitaniaprimary.co.zw
Admin ManagerM. Chaby (Ms)adminmgr@lusitaniaprimary.co.zw
School SecretaryG. Rwere (Mrs)pa@lusitaniaprimary.co.zw
BursarN. Mudzamiri (Mr)bursar@lusitaniaprimary.co.zw
AccountsS. Kaleso (Mr)accounts@lusitaniaprimary.co.zw
ReceptionS. Madeya (Mrs)admin@lusitaniaprimary.co.zw

Medical Cover
Please ensure your child is medically covered with a MEDICAL BODY of your choice and inform the School Secretary as to which Medical Society your child is a member with the relevant Medical Membership Number if you have not done so.

If your child has any MEDICAL ISSUES which requires attention and due care, please pass on this information to the class teacher.

A Prayer
As we begin 2017 in earnest, let us remember to be Grateful To Our Lord for PROVIDING all that we need for our FAMILIES. In the LORD WE TRUST. Amen.