End of 2nd Term 2017 Newsletter

Monday, 7 August, 2017

Important Infomation

a) School Closes

Date: Thursday 10 August 2017 
Time: 1100HRS Please collect your children on time

b) School Office Hourse

Closes: Monday 14 August to Friday 18 August 2017
Reopens: Monday 21 August 2017 form 9:00am to 1:00pm

c) 3rd Term

Opens : Tuesday 12 September 2017 
Closes: Thursday 7 December 2017
Mid-Term Break: Friday 20 October - Monday 23 October

2018 School opens Tuesday 9 January 2018

d) Breaking News

LUSITANIA SCHOOL HAS IT"S OWN POINT OF SALE FACILTY. Swipe machine now available at school for your convenience.


The School Authorities wish to express their gratitute to you, the parents for your continued support of the school and the timeous payment of fees which allows us to maintain and continue to promote development within the school