Monday, 15 October, 2018

1.0.  Welcome
I wish to welcome you all to our third term. I hope you had a well-deserved rest on school runs.

2.0.  Thank You
I thank you all for the resounding send-off you gave to Mr. Kalan. That was wonderful!  Well done parents.

3.0.  Staffing
We have a new teacher who joined us this term. Her name is Mrs Fonseca. She comes with vast teaching experience and is assigned to Grade 2 North.
We also have Ms. Machado who has joined the Portuguese Department.
We wish the two new teachers a long and happy stay at Lusitania School.

4.0.  Calendar of Events

4.1.    Grade 7 Zimsec Exams
          1st – 12th October 2018

4.2.    Prize Giving - ECD Class
          9th November 2018

4.3.    Prize Giving - Grades 1 to 7
          23 November 2018

4.4.    End of Year Examinations
          To start on the 29th October 2018

4.5.    Half Term Break
          School closes on 18 October and re-opens on 23 October 2018.

4.6.    Theatre Play Night
          28 November 2018

4.7.    Grade 7 Trip
          29 November to 5 December 2018

4.8.    Swimming Gala - Junior School
          27 October 2018

4.9.    Swimming Gala – Infants
          1 December 2018

4.10.   Inter-Schools Swimming Gala
          17 November 2018

4.11.   CHISZ Shona Examinations
          30th – 31st October 2018

4.12.   CHISZ Computers Examinations
          Thursday 25th October 2018

4.13.    Portuguese Grade 6 External Examinations
            24th November 2018 (TBC)
4.14.    End of Third Term 2018
            School ends on the 6th of December 2018 and opens on the 8th of January 2019.

5.0.   Cambridge Curriculum
The Cambridge personnel came to assess the suitability of our school to offer Cambridge curriculum early this month. I am happy to announce that the school has been approved and will start offering a Cambridge curriculum as from January 2019.

6.0.   Afternoon Sports
Please note     :    It is compulsory for all Grade 3 – 7 pupils to stay for                 
                            afternoon activities on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

7.0.  School Fees
I wish to thank all parents who have cleared their arrears and are up to date with their payments. We had an overwhelming positive response from most parents.  Gate passes will be issued as you pay your fees for 2019 to avoid congestion at the last minute.

Thank you.