About Lusitania

About Our School

Lusitania Primary School enrols pupils from ECD to Grade 7 level, aged 3-13.  

The school is an accredited member of the Association of Trust Schools and the Conference of Heads of Independent Schools of Zimbabwe.  

This assures you of compliance with educational, sporting and ethical standards expected of independent schools and gives the school a voice in policy discussions and implementation in the educational sector.  


Lusitania is a Lusophonic school and offers classes to all pupils to learn the Portuguese language.


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Lusitania is overseen by an experienced and diverse Board of Governors, including an Honorary role for the Ambassador of PortugalThe school management is headed by the Chief Executive Officer / Principal and the Head Of Academics. Other administrative and academic structures are managed by Heads Of Department, all of whom are experienced and qualified educators and service professionals.  

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Quality Learning

Our staff regularly participate in professional development workshops to ensure that quality learning takes place in line with global best practice. Academic staff are assessed and evaluated annually to guarantee our stakeholders that everyone is working towards a common, high-level outcome of quality education.