Lusitania offers Cambridge Primary / Checkpoint assessment and syllabi content in English, Mathematics and Science. A bespoke science laboratory is being developed to ensure complete preparation for senior school where Cambridge IGCSE and AS / A level are offered in fellow ATS member schools.  


ZIMSEC is also offered, culminating in Grade 7 examinations each year. These are a demanding series of assessments that develop and build a complete Primary education. Lusitania achieves amongst the best rankings at ZIMSEC in relation to the independent schooling sector.  

Well Prepared School Leavers

Our combination of academic, sporting and performing arts packages ensure that every pupil leaves Grade 7 very well prepared to take his or her place in Form 1 with confidence and the ability to cope with fall aspects of a senior school environment.  

Top high schools recognise Lusitania pupils for their exceptional backgrounds and readiness, as shown by the 100% uptake of our leavers.