Welcome to the heart of the school, where not even a single person gets through the Lusitania gate or interacts with the Lusitania brand without interacting with the digital department – “The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) department.” The department’s motto is “Aspire to inspire.” It is the department’s policy to make every activity associated with it unique and memorable. Lusitania’s ICT department GPS is in Zimbabwe – Africa, but we live in a global village.  

In this modern world of 21st century ICT (The digital age), our pupils are exposed to computers from as early as three years, ECD, where they are given an opportunity of one-on-one computer usage.

Aspire to inspire

One-on-one computer usage



Lusitania has an active IT syllabus that follows the IC3 option. Every pupil learns essential computing skills and develops competency in the use of common office / business applications. Each child comes to grips with basic computer knowledge, until they get to Grade 7 where the pupils are knowledgeable in the:

  • Hardware components and software of the computer.
  • Use of operating systems and file management.
  • Use of Computers, Internet and e-mail safely and responsibly.
  • Ergonomics of computers.
  • Use of application programs which include: Programming programs, Word Processing programs, Presentation Programs, Spreadsheet Programs Desktop Publishing Programs, Database programs and Game programs.


Lusitania is authorised to offer Certiport examinations as we are a Certiport Authorised Testing Centre.

Pupils write three different ICT examinations which include:  

  • IC3 Spark (Microsoft) under Certiport USA examination board.
  • CHISZ Computers (Written by pupils in Association of Trust Schools (ATS) of Zimbabwe).
  • ZIMSEC (Agriculture, Science and Technology combined paper).



Over and above the day-to-day ICT lessons, the department also run very successful clubs in the afternoon which include: 

  • Robotics Club
  • Drone Club
  • Computer Club - Hard Coding/Web Development Club