Enrolment Policy

Admission into Lusitania Primary School will be directed by the following criteria:
  1. Places are first offered to Grade 0 pupils in our system and to our sibling parents who have their children in Grades 1 to 7;
  2. Children of Portuguese Nationals;
  3. Once parents accept the PLACE OFFER in any grade (from grade 0 to grade 7) it will be taken that they have accepted the fees set.
From Grade 1, readiness testing to determine maturity and ability is carried out by the school. 
Registration forms can be filled in at the office or downloaded below and then physically handed in to the secretary together with sight of the ORIGINAL birth certificate plus two copies for our records.  A registration fee of $50.00 is charged for the formal application for assessment/testing of your child. This payment is then reflected on your child’s application/registration form.
All Applications/Registrations should be made by the end of MAY prior to the year you are applying for.