School Rules Policy

The SCHOOL RULES POLICY document clarifies the standards of behaviour that are expected of Parents, Pupils and Staff of Lusitânia Primary School (LPS). 
LPS is committed to the highest standards of conduct in private education, training and administration and to providing safe, supportive and responsive learning environment for everyone. We teach and model the behaviours we value in our students. 
  • Ensure pupils are brought to school before 07:30hrs
  • Ensure pupils are collected from school by 17:00hrs if they have afternoon activities or 13:30 if there are no afternoon activities.
  • Advise the School if the child is unable to attend school for any reason
  • Ensure that the child does not attend school if they are unwell, especially if the child has any infectious illness
  • Pay the required levies and fees on time to ensure that the child is able to continue to attend the school
  • Ensure that all the required forms are signed and returned to the school. These include, amongst others:
    • The School Registration Form
    • The Medical Information & Emergency Treatment Form
    • The Indemnity Form/s
    • The Acknowledgement of Commitment to Pay Fees
    • The School Rules Form
  • Ensure that pupils wear the School Uniform as required for summer and winter terms and have the correct sporting uniforms and kit.
  • Ensure that the child’s appearance is neat & tidy with no make up or any other jewellery or accessories
  • Ensure that all clothing (academic and sport) is clearly labelled with stitch type labels
  • Contact the reception office to arrange an appointment prior to any formal meeting with their child’s teacher during school term
  • Ensure the child has sufficient meals for the period they are at school
  • Show parental support at children’s academic, sporting and cultural activities
  • Ensure that children are covered by a reputable Medical Aid Society and information passed on to the school and the Medical Information Form is completed, signed and kept up to date.
  • Inform the school authorities in writing if their children walk to & from the School.
  • SHOULD volunteer their services to the SDC for the development of the school
  • Be at school before 07:30hrs
  • Leave for home before 17:00hrs if they have afternoon activities or 13:30 if there are no afternoon activities
  • Be dressed in the proper school uniform for summer & winter terms
  • Be correctly attired in their sports kit For sports,
  • Respect all adults and each other at all time both in and outside the classroom
  • Maintain good manners via courteous greetings and behaviour
  • Respect the cleanliness ethos of the school
  • Not bully
  • Show a peaceful pleasant form of personality throughout the day
  • Offer help whenever required
  • Not bring any form of unacceptable material deemed to be pornographic or otherwise to school
  • Be on duty on time as required in the contract of employment and the school policies.
  • Be professional in the approach to duty
  • Respect each and every colleague, parent and child and aspire for team work
  • Respect confidentiality of all matters relevant to Lusitânia Primary School
  • Ensure that behaviour is exemplary at all times so that the reputation of the school is not compromised.
  • Dress appropriately in the required attire
  • Be supportive of the Board of Governors and the SDC in their respective endeavours to maintain the running of Lusitânia Primary School
  • Be open to staff development programmes in order to benefit pupil education and for personal growth
  • Be aware of the lines of authority at the school and supportive of the school authority
  • Be friendly with parents but not familiar in order to maintain professionalism
  • Not accept any form of financial assistance or other inducement from parents
  • Not carry out private tuition of Lusitânia pupils or engage in any other business, unless with the explicit permission in writing from the Headmaster